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Aiyana Crochet Hook Review

I crochet in the dark with a small desk lamp cause hubby doesn’t like a light on. I decided to buy a set of light up crochet hooks from Yarn Mania

I got a set they are great they come in all different sizes. I got the nine piece set. You get a choice from usb or battery sets. I got both usb and battery sets. My usb set has got 2 settings so you can choose from a low light or a strong light.

I checked from facebook and knew a lot of people use these hooks to work in low light conditions, especially when they’re working with dark-colored yarn. I tried it and was perfect for my situation.There are some things that I should tell you about this hook. It’s comfortable to hold for long periods. The shape was nice and strong inside my hand. The tip was smooth but not especially sharp.

I really can crochet in the dead of night, although you might struggle if you were working on an exceptionally complex lacy design, unless you’ve got another source of light as well.

From : Emma Olivia