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Who are we?

  • Yarn Mania is founded by a group of crochet fans who met through a local crocheting class in Minnesota. We invented the lighted crochet hook because we were struggling to crochet dark yarn. After using these light up crochet hooks, we realize that tackling dark yarn isn’t the the only thing these hooks can do. They can also provide extra light in dimly lit area, braid dark colored hair, and allow you to crochet longer hours through its ergonomic designed handle. It really is the ultimate hook that all crochet fan must have.

Why Yarn Mania and not XYZ copy cat companies out there?

  • For one, we take pride in our products and services. Our hooks are sourced with the highest material, manufactured directly by us, gone through rigorous inspection processes, and packed carefully before shipped to US. Everything that you receive has been checked throughout to ensure no malfunction and highest satisfaction.
  • We also have the most helpful and friendliest support that you can find. If you have any questions about the hooks or simply just want to chat with real human, feel free to shoot us a message and we will get back to you almost instantly 🙂
  • We are the only company here that offers lifetime support for our product.
  • Finally, when you buy from us, you will automatically become a part of our community – meaning you will receive monthly discounts on all of our products, you will also be the first one to test our new products before anyone else.

yarn mania, yarn mania, about, crochet hooks

yarn mania, yarn mania, about, crochet hooks

yarn mania, yarn mania, about, crochet hooks